You may have probably already noticed our videos. They are the brainchild of our Creative Director, Raelina Krikston. Our scientists explain it, but Raelina helps consumers understand it. Raelina has a unique genius for turning complex principles into simple pictures.

Raelina is a creative professional with a diverse background in design and marketing. She started her career as a UX/UI designer and later founded a design agency focused on the cannabis industry in 2015, shortly after cannabis legalization in Colorado. Raelina’s goal was to use design to destigmatize cannabis and make it more appealing to mainstream consumers. She quickly made connections in the cannabis and CBD space, leading her to California, where she continued to work with clients in the cannabis industry.

Over the years, Raelina expanded her business beyond cannabis and CBD, specializing in educational marketing, minimalist design, and creative content creation. She has worked with companies that include, natural beauty, skincare, educational games, and videography. To see a sample of some her work visit this case study. 

Partnering with Csequence has allowed her to use her use her talents to create educational material for consumers. Her understanding of the changing climate within the cannabis industry makes her a key visionary on the Csequence team.

Raelina is deeply committed to social change and environmental awareness. As she says, “I believe in a world in which commercial art is more than advertisements but a call to action. I reject the ‘grind’ and try to master ‘the flow’ ”

She is involved in her community, providing retail space and pop-up stores for local artisans, and most recently running for City Council in her hometown. And oh, yeah, she also speaks French.

Custom Illustration for a menopause related product

Raelina Krikston, Creative Director