About Csequence

Csequence is a market intelligence company in the medical cannabis space. Cannabis is medicine and our goal is to bridge the gap between research and effective use. We do this through three areas: education, market research, and events.

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Our Leadership Team

The heart of Csequence is our people and their passion for improving patients lives. Our senior staff members have over 100 years of collective industry tenure including in-house biotech and pharma experience and external vendor support.  This gives us unique subject matter and operational insight to assist our clients. Their deep expertise in a wide variety of functional areas results in powerful strategic thinking with a practical, real-world mindset. At the end of the day, we think you’ll feel their passion for delivering tangible results that uniquely impact your success and the patients that you serve.

Sugata Biswas

Founder & CEO

Sugata is Founder and CEO of Csequence. He has over 20 year’s of experience in consulting and primary market research in the healthcare sector. In addition to his involvement as part of the senior management team, Sugata is actively involved in the market research group.

With extensive experience in managing and conducting all phases of qualitative and quantitative research in his role as a market researcher, Sugata has supported the launch of over eight brands, evaluated potential targets for acquisition and conducted numerous landscape studies. His experience spans across a number of different areas including gastroenterology, HIV, oncology, and supportive care. He has extensive experience working with a wide variety of respondents including KOLs, community physicians, nurses, patients and consumers.

Sugata has a B.A. from University of Chicago (honors in economics), M.S in Economics from Utah State University, and M.B.A. from Yale University.

Laura Smith

Laura Smith, Co-Founder & Patient Liaison

Laura is Managing Principal and lead of the Patient Centered Care work at Csequence. Laura brings extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and leads patient focused care at Csequence. Laura’s professional experience includes over 20 years in various roles within the healthcare industry as well as training in the intentional use of plant medicine, a background in community health education and is a grief recovery specialist. She has a unique educational background with an MBA from Yale University coupled with a MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Laura co-founded and has been co-leading Cadence Communications & Research, a boutique healthcare firm in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for over 10 years. Laura previously worked as an Investor Relations officer at Amgen. While there, she also held a variety of finance roles to assist marketing teams to optimize decisions related to clinical investments, lifecycle management, product sales and profitability. Prior to that, she was as Hoffmann-La Roche where she participated in their leadership development program and contributed to Roche Labs supporting product launches, business development deals, pricing and product lifecycle decisions.

Zachary Moore, PhD

Senior Director, Medical Content

Zach is Senior Director of Medical Content at Csequence and works with the Market Research and Meeting Planning teams.

He has over 10 years of experience in market research and meeting planning and brings a multivalent skill set to the team that has been optimized to help clients engage with their internal and external customers with scientific precision and innovative creativity.

Zach has helped pharmaceutical, biotech and novel diagnostic companies create and craft their internal and external communications strategies, both in terms of scientific and medical accuracy but also through clean and concise aesthetic design. His experience spans across a number of different areas and has experience working with a wide variety of individuals including key opinion leaders, community physicians, nurses, patients and consumers. Zach’s undeniable passion for patient lives combined with his deep expertise provide our clients with something catchy.

Zach has a B.S in Biology and a PhD in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine from the University of Cincinnati.

Emily Anderson

Business Development Lead

Emily is the Business Development Lead at Csequence. Additionally, she works closely with the Market Intelligence and research teams.

She has over 5 years of experience in healthcare meeting management, market research and 10 years of client relations experience. Her diverse skillset, dedication to exceptional service and deep industry experience make her an invaluable resource for innovative ideas, problem solving, event production and management.

Previously, Emily managed projects for the market research group at Cadence Communications & Research, and lead field operations across a number of different areas including gastroenterology, oncology, rare diseases, diagnostics, pulmonology, billing/coding, psychiatry, addiction medicine and pain management. She has experience working with a wide variety of respondents including patients, community physicians, KOLs nurses and advocates.

Emily has a B.A. from The Evergreen State College.

Phil Santinoceto

Chief Data Scientist

Phil leads business intelligence at Csequence. He believes technology should be used to solve problems, not create them. As a Data Scientist in Residence at Yale University, Phil advises the School of Public Health on best practices for transforming IP into practical applications. He spent four years as a chief data scientist at Thomson Reuters, where he led a team that reinvented the way news was developed on the internet in real-time, through a mix of research, exploration, and engineering.

Phil co-founded AFRL Datalabs, a group of data minded individuals at the Air Force Research Laboratory that understand the growing importance of data and interoperability for the Warfighter. He is an advisor to a few organizations that he adores, including Wizards of the Coast, Pulse Institute, blue labs, and Joffer. He is a mentor to Expect with Me, the Yale University based health startup, and the Penn Datac Digital Initiative. He is also a member of the Data Science Council of America. Once a member of West Virginia’s Technology and Innovation Advisory Council, Phil learned first-hand how government and industry can work together more effectively. Phil is a frequent speaker, and has spoken at numerous Tableau and DSCoA events around the country.

Adam Smith

Brand + Experience Design

Adam leads brand intelligence at Csequence. He has a background in building brand and digital ecosystems with clientele across 23 countries. His work in both B2B and B2C markets focuses on digital strategy, information architecture, customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design, content strategy, interactive design, online video and communication campaigns across a variety of sectors.

Adam began his career in Asia where he worked on international communications programs for US-AID, the United Nations and The World Bank. He then led several rebranding, marketing and digital initiatives for Marriott International. Upon his return to the United States, Adam co-founded and later sold an award-winning creative agency with clients that included Google, Adobe, Priceline, KPMG, S&P Dow Jones, Nestle, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sports Illustrated, and others.

Adam is also a frequent speaker on the topics of brand and digital strategy. He has been a keynote speaker at the White House sponsored “Data Jam” at Google as well as several digital and mobile events for Adobe. Industry awards include: International Design Award (IDA), AIGA 100, PRNews CSR Award, GoGreen Award.


Our Philosophy

At the heart of what we do at Csequence is a hand-in-hand discovery process through which we can help you make better decisions, increase the odds of success, and ensure that every piece of available market intelligence is uncovered. Our underlying motivation is to help you reach more patients and improve their lives.  We gain satisfaction and purpose through your success. The engine that drives this process is a multi-disciplinary team composed of experts in research methodology, clinical medicine, marketing, and statistical analysis. For each engagement, our clients can expect a highly trained team, flawless execution, and meaningful results. Our client-focused approach also allows significant flexibility in terms of methodology, output and value. Our approach is always tailored to your needs and success is our only interest. We treat every client as if they were our first. We want you to feel that your project is our only focus. Our pricing is reasonable and our models flexible for each project. We are not restricted to meeting specific profit margins or sales quotas. Our intent is to work with our client on all facets of the engagement, including budget.