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We develop custom educational materials which can help consumers understand underlying symptoms or medical conditions. Our scientific cannabis content illuminates how cannabis works in the body. Make complex ideas tangible and approachable for your staff and customers. Our goal is to help consumers make informed decisions about cannabis use and their health.

Our staff comes from decades of experience in healthcare and has a breadth of experience in molecular biology, molecular and cellular pharmacology, and neuroscience. Our team of scientists, top physicians, clinicians, and clinical investigators research and develop these science-based videos.

Clinical Thought Leadership

Leverage medical experts for staff training
Clinical research summaries
Science-based sales and marketing materials

Curated Educational Collections

Cannabis 101 library
Simple science and deep dive videos
Clinical research summaries
Consumer product guides

Custom Content for Your Brand

Scientific content written for your product
Customized collections for your website or storefront

Stay up to date with the market, the science, and the legislation. 

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We leverage scientific research, clinical experts and combine it with beautiful branding, highly accessible communications to empower customers to find the solutions that best suit their needs.
Our research shows that many medicinal cannabis users have incorrect information about products and current cannabis information sources are not rated as very trustworthy. This shows there is an opportunity for brands to become pillars of credible and readily-available knowledge.

Clinical Thought Leadership

Research indicates, medical professionals are the most credible and influential source of information regarding cannabis use. We can provide forums and collaborative partnerships to leverage the knowledge and expertise of cannabis medical professionals for your brand.
Csequence’s goal is to provide academically verified, thoughtfully communicated guidance to the marketplace, providing greater product differentiation and appropriate use.

Custom Content for Your Brand

Csequence creates customizable content for customers that set you apart as an industry leader. We do this in the following ways:

  • Simplified topic-specific communications based on comprehensive scientific literature review, clinical trial directories, medical guidelines, and regulatory statements

  • Combine Csequence scientific expertise with brand-specific content as introductory, conclusion, or sidebar content

  • Produce white papers based on data for publication in trade journals, social media, and direct digital marketing

Curated Educational Collections

The Cannabis 101 library provides answers to your customer’s most common questions. You and your staff have access to our full library of content. We can make a curated collection of content focused on your brand or product. We’ll help you highlight what makes your products unique and expand brand awareness.