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By Tommy Turner

Csequence has partnered with the NACB and Dr. Mary Clifton to host the monthly live web-event, The Doctor’s Lounge. The Doctor’s Lounge is a 1-hour, live web panel featuring cannabis expert Dr. Mary Clifton, Csequence moderator Dr. Zachary Moore, and monthly guest doctors from various specialties who all research and work with the medical application of cannabis to treat their patients.

Past events have covered topics such as the usage of cannabis to help support women’s health, manage past trauma, and effectively dose to maximize therapeutic benefits. We have recently conducted a survey amongst our past audiences to see which future topics they would like to include. From those results, here are a few topics you can expect to see explored in future events:

  • Synthetic Pharmaceutical Cannabinoids, Current Research and the Pros and Cons
  • Cannabis and Chronic Pain, how to decrease reliance on opiates?
  • CBD and Ulcerative Colitis (UC), is there data to support CBD effectiveness in treatment?
  • Cannabis and ADD/ADHD – does the endocannabinoid system play a role in helping manage these conditions?

Please go to the events tab on, follow Csequence on LinkedIn, or reach out to to stay informed of these events or learn where to sign up!


Author Tommy Turner

Tommy is Market Research Manager at Csequence and has an extensive background in assisting and managing the completion of countless qualitative and quantitative market research projects and incorporating a number of different methodologies and analytical techniques. Tommy received his BA in economics from Pomona College and his MSc in Marketing from Durham University, UK.

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