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Thu, July 9, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM MDT


  • Angela Bryan, PhD – University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Dylan Zylla, MD – HealthPartners Park Nicollet
  • Uma V.A. Dhanabalan, MD, MPH, FAAFP– Uplifting Health & Wellness
  • Donald Abrams, MD – University of California San Francisco
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Fact VS. Fiction: An honest exploration of data to understand how cannabis can help in the treatment and management of cancer.

Have you wondered what your doctor, oncologist or academic researchers think about using cannabis as a treatment?

The oldest text evidence indicating the use of plants as medicine is a Sumerian clay slab from Nagpur, dating approximately 5000 years old. This slab summarized 12 different recipes for drug preparation and incorporated the use of over 250 different species of plants [1].

Cannabis too, was a plant used by our ancient ancestors. While there is evidence that suggests the plant has been used for over 5000 years [2], the oldest evidence of its use in a medicinal practice dates to around 400 AD [3]. Just as humans have cultivated and shaped the plant for millennia, it too has shaped aspects of our society and medicinal practices. Cannabis is widely used as a relief for chronic pain, aid for sleeplessness, and a treatment for neurological disorders, and its prevalent use as a medicinal product is continually growing. By 2023, retail sales of medicinal marijuana are estimated to generate up to 8.4 billion USD [4]. However, its widespread use does not mean it is without controversy, and medicinal cannabis has been criticized for its potentially harmful side effects or possible lack of efficacy. However, many criticisms of the plant’s use are founded on limited clinical data, historical biases rooted in old paradigms, and a lack of education within the space.

Fortunately, the barriers to proper research of the plant are lifting as regulations and laws surrounding cannabis become less strict partly due to the increase in social acceptance. As a result, we are  gaining a more accurate understanding of the effects and benefits of cannabis from an objective, data-focused perspective.

Csequence’s expert panel series: Cannabis in Medicine, will expand our understanding of how cannabis can assist in the treatment and management of various diseases– specifically, by diving into these topics:

  • Discussing the existing research
  • Outlining current cannabis use in medicine
  • Leveraging medical experts’ knowledge of the evidence to help distinguish fact from fiction
  • Identifying the potential future role cannabis can play in healthcare

Cannabis is a medicine, and now there is a growing body of substantial evidence and clinical data demonstrating it. We believe an honest exploration of the data will be of great value by providing a platform for dialogue and education.

Join us for episode 1 of the series – Cannabis in Medicine: Cancer, featuring medical oncologists and academics who are leading experts in use of cannabis in oncologic treatment.

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