Content Dissemination

Even with the greatest content in the world, without an effective delivery system, it will constantly fall flat on your expectations and goals. At Csequence we develop a customized solution that is tailored to your needs, leveraging best practices in digital dissemination and reporting, paired with clean and effective design. To deliver the content that you and your customers need when it’s needed, in real-time.


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Digital Dissemination

Web, Emails and Social

Physical Media

Flyers, Brochures and Displays

Educational Events

Webinars, Conferences and Panels

Countless details go into planning and running a successful content campaign. With so many moving parts, plot twists and surprises, it’s critical to partner with a team you can consistently count on to deliver exceptional content while giving you peace of mind.   Csequence can provide turn key services to ensure that your communications are a complete success.


Digital Dissemination

Csequence views communications planning as setting the foundation for any successful business. Mistakes in setting this foundation can cause significant stress costly outcomes, both financially and in terms of missed opportunities to connect with your audience.

Csequence specializes in providing a seamless experience to the communication planning process with a variety of services including communication planning, content writing, dissemination, reporting and management. You give us your notes and we will work with you to build the presentation and delivery of your content.

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Physical Media

The foundation of Csequence media is our commitment to precision and accuracy combined with a hands-on, flexible approach and an undeniable passion for delivering personalized service. We offer a wide array of print and design services ranging from simple brochure support to highly collaborative infographics and displays designed to provide our clients with peace of mind while producing and executing content-rich physical media.


Educational Events

Csequence is at the forefront of the emerging cannabis industry, shaping the future of medical cannabis. Our events and conferences are led by industry experts and clinical leaders, bringing ground-breaking, high quality content to science, policymaking and business strategy to our audience.

Csequence Expert Panel Series: Cannabis in Medicine

Csequence’s expert panel series: Cannabis in Medicine, will expand our understanding of how cannabis can help in the treatment and management of various diseases– specifically, by diving into the existing research, outlining its current medical use, identifying the potential future role cannabis could play in healthcare, and leverage experts’ knowledge and demonstrative evidence to help distinguish fact from fiction.

Our belief is that cannabis is medicine and an honest exploration of the data will show its value, by providing a platform for dialogue and education.

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