Communication Resources

Developing and distributing content is an important part of your business. Good content can help customers find you on the internet and increase bottom-line sales. It also takes time to develop and effort to maintain. We’ll partner with you to help deliver great accessible scientific content to the people that you want to reach. We can connect blogs and videos to your website, host a site of off-the-shelf or provide custom educational content to meet sales and training needs.

Laura Smith
Managing Principal, Co-Founder

Communication Planning

Audience and segment identification
Message development
Deployment strategies

Educational Events

Interactive webinars and interviews
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) recruitment
Conference planning and logistics
Panel development and facilitation

Digital and Print Education

White-label generic content for common questions
Custom or ready made flyers, brochures, and displays
Co-branded communications

At Csequence we see ourselves as a partner in building your business. We’ll work to understand what you and your customers need most and then deliver the content you need, where you need it. In addition to access to our master library we also help you deliver content to your customers’ most frequently asked questions and we’ll keep it fresh by adding new content all the time.

Communication Planning

Csequence views communications planning as setting the foundation for any successful business. Mistakes in setting this foundation can cause significant stress, costly outcomes, both financially and in terms of missed opportunities to connect with your customers.
Csequence specializes in providing a seamless communication experience including communication planning, content writing, and digital integration.

Educational Videos

Csequence provides best-in-class scientific educational videos from scientists, physicians, and industry experts. We’ll help you answer your customer’s most pressing questions or train your staff about cannabis.

If you don’t see exactly what you need we’ll help you create custom videos. Check out our simple science videos or take a deep dive and learn from physicians and researchers.


Physical Media

Our process combines a hands-on, flexible approach and a passion for delivering accurate science and great branding. We offer a wide array of print and design services ranging from simple brochure support to highly collaborative infographics and displays designed to provide you with materials that customers will love.

Educational Events

Csequence is at the forefront of the emerging cannabis industry, shaping the future of medical cannabis. Our events and conferences are led by industry experts and clinical leaders, bringing ground-breaking, high-quality content to science, policymaking and business strategy to our audience.