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In the area of cannabis and sexual health, there are limited clinical trials available and human studies have been done with largely relying on self-reported data. However, pre-clinical data provides a rationale for why this may be fertile area for further research. Some studies have shown a significant relationship between endocannabinoid concentrations and female sexual arousal. Human studies support the idea that female sexual function may be improved by moderate doses of cannabis and may positively affect libido, length and quality of orgasm, sexual pain and can play a role in alleviating sexual trauma. However, this impact appears to be dose–dependent, as high doses may limit sexual function as well.

In the area of endometriosis, five clinical trials have been completed studying the relationship between ECS and endometriosis-associated pain. Some hypothesize that endocannabinoid deficiency is correlated to endometriosis. In addition, studies have demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain.

Relevant Research

Sexual Function

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Dysmenorrhea/Pelvic Pain

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Anxiety/Sexual trauma

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Overview: Review current studies

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