Research & Data Analysis

Use tailored market research and data analysis to better understand medicinal users purchasing behaviors and to gain new insights into the marketplace. Craft research discoveries to help you engage consumers and turn them into engaged, brand-loyal customers.

Managing Principal

Market Research

  • Primary Market Research
  • Industry, Customer & Thought Leader Research
  • Secondary Analysis of Scientific Literature
  • Custom Product Research

Strategic Services

  • Audience Profiling
  • Process segmentation
  • Asset Management
  • Market Integration
  • Sales & Marketing Assessment

We use research and data science to extract market insights that provide clear, actionable solutions. This strategic direction provides product and customer specific outcomes that are measurable and direct in increasing sales.

The market for legalized cannabis is still relatively young and there are many motivations for use, highly polarized perceptions, and different preferences towards specific consumption behaviors. This variability and market infancy can offer companies a lot of opportunities for success and the ability to develop their specific niche or foothold within the industry. However, the uncertainty inherent to this new and growing market means market research and customer education is all the more important for companies to prosper.

Primary Market Research

Customized research to help you identify, understand and track product awareness, preference, and key attributes driving buying behavior.  As specialists in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we can help to answer not only what is happening but also why.

Through qualitative and quantitative methods, we can help you measure key performance metrics such as brand awareness, brand image, usage and purchase intention, willingness to pay and Net Promoter Score.
Our customized studies are tailor made to fit the needs of a specific client in terms of study objectives, sampling, analytical plan and timing. These studies are sponsored directly by the client and they own the data. Csequence is prohibited from using or sharing the data with anyone else. Each study is individually priced and dependent on sample size, timing, type of respondent being interviewed, screening criteria, length of interview and analytical plan. Tell us what you need and what your constraints are and we will develop a plan specifically made for you.

Secondary Analysis of Scientific Literature

Information is power and in the cannabis industry there is a tremendous amount of it.  Unfortunately, for consumers, it is difficult to find relevant information in a timely manner and evaluate its quality.  Our studies have shown that while consumers look to the internet for information, they trust it the least of all sources of information. Adding technical jargon to this sea of information makes the situation very intimidating for any consumer. The burden often falls to the budtender who is asked “I am having trouble with _______ (sleep, anxiety, pain, etc.), what should I take?”
Our staff of PhD’s can review, analyze and distill available scientific literature for marketing content to help consumers make an educated choice. Our expertise is translating high-quality academic information into easily digestible consumer materials.

Strategic Services

We’ll help to close the educational gap between your customer and the science behind medicinal cannabis. We offer a variety of strategic research services and analytical support in order to increase product differentiation, brand loyalty, generate repeat customers, and increase user engagement.
  • Audience Profiling
  • Process Segmentation
  • Asset Management
  • Market Integration
  • Sales and Marketing Assessment

Medicinal users are prioritizing convenience in finding data, but ones not viewed as the most credible or influential​.

Data taken from Csequence 2019 Medicinal User-NonUser Study + Budtender Qual