Content Curation & Development

Our content development solutions drive growth through customer education with customized product content coupled with outstanding branding. We leverage scientific research, clinical data and industry thought leaders to create these materials.

Our work opens the door to smarter customers who have a greater understanding of the medicinal benefits of cannabis and how to best utilize products for their needs.  This education differentiates products in the marketplace, establishes credibility and creates loyal customers.

Sr. Director, Medical Content

Clinical Thought Leadership

Therapeutic Validation Through Medical Experts

Scientific Summaries & Medicinal Guidelines

Clinical Research Summaries, User & Product Guides

Branded Educational Materials

Print & Digital Solutions

We leverage scientific research, clinical experts and combine it with beautiful branding, highly accessible communications to empower customers to find the solutions that best suit their needs.

Our research shows that many medicinal cannabis users have incorrect information about products and current cannabis information sources are not rated as very trustworthy. This shows there is an opportunity for brands to become pillars of credible and readily-available knowledge.

Consumer Misinformation & Confusion Highlights the Need for Education

Data taken Csequence 2019 Medicinal User-Non -User Study + Budtender Qual

Clinical Thought Leadership

Research indicates, medical professionals are the most credible and influential source of information regarding cannabis use. We can provide forums and collaborative partnerships to leverage the knowledge and expertise of cannabis medical professionals for your brand.

Csequence’s goal is to provide academically verified, thoughtfully communicated guidance to the marketplace, providing greater product differentiation and appropriate use.


Scientific Summaries & Medicinal Guidelines

Csequence creates customizable scientific educational content for medicinal customers that set you apart as an industry leader. We do this in the following ways:

  • Compile topic-specific research based on comprehensive scientific literature review, clinical trial directories, medical guidelines, regulatory statements

  • Combine Csequence core scientific background with client brand-specific content as introductory, conclusion, or sidebar content

  • Develop public-facing whitepapers based on these data for publication in trade journals, social media, and direct digital marketing


Branded Educational Materials

  • Develop novel design and production implementation based on client brand guidelines

  • Collect and organize client-provided data on brand characteristics, usage, or trends

  • Potential development of peer-reviewed publication if scientific or clinical data are available

  • Develop print materials for drop-ship delivery for white-label inclusion in customer packages, POS educational supplementation and proactive marketing materials

Csequence Expert Panel Series: Cannabis in Medicine

Csequence’s expert panel series: Cannabis in Medicine, will expand our understanding of how cannabis can help in the treatment and management of various diseases– specifically, by diving into the existing research, outlining its current medical use, identifying the potential future role cannabis could play in healthcare, and leverage experts’ knowledge and demonstrative evidence to help distinguish fact from fiction.

Our belief is that cannabis is medicine and an honest exploration of the data will show its value, by providing a platform for dialogue and education.

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